Saturday, June 20, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Murphy's Landing

It was my first time going to Murphy's Landing and that is a bit surprising because the Hahn family loves to visit history.  This park had so many different time era's and rich stories. It was simply beautiful and we had a wonderful staff showing us around.  In short, Murphy's Landing was a fur trading post however, this place covered many decades of it's existence with multiple buildings and artifacts.

If my students were to visit this park as a field trip, I think I would be able to adapt my curriculum to enrich their experience.  This would be a great opportunity to explore folk art and it's history.  One thought I had was when we went to one of the houses and a chore they asked students to help with was combing wool.  This would be a great way to incorporate fibers into the classroom.  I could give the students the assignment to learn as much as they could about making yarn and wool and see if they can 'teach' me upon their return to art class.  That is just one idea.

Check out more about our field trips by searching the #TCWALLSI on twitter.  There are also a lot of images and information on their Facebook page. I would love for you to send links to lesson plans that you think would help support these field trips I will be posting about as well. Have you had a program like this that you were able to support in your classroom?  Send me links, pictures, or stories in the comments.  Thanks!

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