Friday, June 26, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting was quite a surprise to me.  This is located in St. Louis Park, MN and in my opinion was just not as 'grand' as some of the other field trips we had been to.  There was no sculptures or grand entrance, no oohs and awes as you pulled into the parking lot.  This modest facility was one of the most hands on, interactive, engaging field trip of the week.

We started by learning about the history of  electricity and the radio.  To understand electricity better, we got in a circle to create a circuit a the people at the end touched a live, generated shock.  Everyone screamed... It was a good start.  The presenters shifted and we were brought into a radio studio to create a radio show.  I was director, my job was to turn on the sound, (music, commercials, speakers and more).  This show was presented to us in CD form or an MP3.  It would be neat to bring this radio show back to your school and parents.  Check out this recording below.

After doing those two activities, we did a game show.  We were all able to 'play' the review game.  We were all a little standoffish, but when we were up there, it was a BLAST!  Everyone was cheering and having a good time.

In addition to all the activities that I just mentioned they also have a great hands on activities for magnets.  This could easily be a full day (with lunch) between the radio and magnetism programs according to staff. 

There is so much here that I feel there are a million things we could do after field tripping here. I could see us creating characters for the radio show (puppets and/or iPad apps). That is just one idea I have with this site. I would recommend it to any school. 

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