Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Final Class Project

This is the end result of the first grade weavings.  These minis think they have just made a real life blanket... for their action figures. :) I like this project because it doesn't matter how far a student gets on it in the time allowed, it's still comes off the loom the same.  If a class has a field trip or performance, no worries, we'll pick up on it next time.  This is my favorite end of the year project.  I already have most of the looms strung for next year.  It's a repeater!

When the kids get the looms I have them put their name on tape and place it on the back of the loom.  This way I can easily see their name for handing out, and when removing and giving back to students, I simply pull the tape and pace it on the weaving.  I ask them not to take it off until they get home.  If you do this in your classroom you will see little busy kids, moving around the room getting their string. They weave and are social but most of all... they are proud of their work!

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