Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kicked Some Storage Room Butt!

I did some major storage room butt kicking!!!  At the end of the school year I asked if there were odds and ends that teachers find going into the trash, to bring them down to me, I'll find a home for them.  Well.... it had a great response.  On top  of the mess I had created the past few weeks (or  maybe school year), I had lots of treasures left in my room.  This meant quite a mess.

The piles were everywhere!

But I worked really hard with the help of Maroon 5, Thomas Rhett, the sound track of Pitch Perfect 2, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, Artic Monkeys, Ruth Moody, Tristan Pettyman, Big and Rich... just to name a few... Rocking out on my sound system in my classroom.  Music is Motivating! 

One of the big changes that I made was that I got rid of all tables in my storage room.  I did not want to have surfaces that I can just pile 'stuff' on.  I have some carts now.  I can prep a lesson, roll it out, and put it away.  I'm excited for this change! 

Looking forward to a 'clean start' (pun totally intended) in the fall!  NOW SUMMER!!

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