Sunday, June 14, 2015

Magnate Color Wheel idea from Alicia Eggers

Let me share one of my favorite things I use this last year in my class... a magnate COLOR WHEEL!  Nope it doesn't take much to make an Art Teacher happy... At the 2015 Winter AOE online conference, Alicia Eggers gave some of the BEST ideas and solutions for organizing and encouraging concepts in the Art Room.  If you have never heard of this wonderful brain, you have to check out some of the articles she writes for AOE (click here).  She is amazing!

I had fun painting and mixing colors to have a circle to represent each primary, secondary, and intermediate color.  I cut and laminated them.  Placed some magnets on the back and used them for EVERY grade level in the school.  As students were warming up or coming into class I would hand them a circle.  For example, during my lesson, I would say to a 4th grade group.  So the most important colors in the color wheel are the primary colors.  Can I have the primary colors go and place their color on the triangle.  Students would proudly walk to the board, maybe glancing at the permanent color wheel in my room, and confidently place the circle on the board.  Kids were out of their seat and ready to participate.

Alicia Eggers also presented on how to keep and encourage use of scrap paper.  She had a much better made sign that had the message you see below.  This worked well in my classroom.  Students were keeping better pieces of scrap paper and getting rid of what can not me used again.  Another great steal from an AMAZING art teacher.

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