Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Goals

I am giving my students at Hassan Elementary a Summer Art Challenge.  In doing so, I thought, "Well, Nic Hahn... What are you doing to work on your creativity this summer?" So I thought I would share my ambitions of this summer.  I'm really excited and would love for you to join me in some or all of them.  

Goal 1:

I have been challenged on Twitter by @smARTisteacher to do this 30 day sketch book challenge. Than I saw my dear friend Mickey Jurewicz posted the same thing on the Art Teacher Facebook page.  Well why not?  Here I go, June 1st with the Journal Fodder Junkie's 30 day sketchbook challenge.  I'll be sure to use this platform to update on my progress. 

Goal 2:

My daughter has asked me to work with her on the Summer Art Challenge.  My kids do not go to the school I teach at but Matisse loves to do everything that I teach my students.  We will be sure to do at least a few of the activities that I have planned for my students.

Goal 3:

I'm in phase 2 of my 'little concept, BIG IDEA' decorations for my classroom. Last summer I made Monster Mediums,  this year I'm tackling the concept PROCESS!  You will probably see the sketchbook challenge and the Summer Art Challenge align with this new concept.

Goal 4:

This is my 4th year of participating in the photo journaling activity of 'Project 52'.  Click here to see a 52 week project on Facebook, it's not mine, but it gives you the idea.  I want to get a little more creative with the images that I'm taking to document my families lives.  Every 100 pictures I print out a book on Blurb.  I also post pictures often on my personal Facebook because this is the best way to communicate with friends and family what is going on in our lives.  We both have family a distance away from us, so Project 52 is perfect.

Goal 5:

I want to read.  I don't consider myself a die hard reader, but I want my kids to know that there can be a lot of joy in reading.  I want to make time for family read time this summer.  I will be doing some book studies this summer through ISD #728. The three books are...


  • "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio... This is going to be a family summer read.  We plan to read this book at the same time other families are reading it and discuss the powerful message in the book as families.  Never tried a family Book Study, we'll see how it goes.
  • Finally, the kids wanted to do a summer reading group with their friends.  We are thinking about The Time Warp Trio series for my 4th grade son (specifically, Summer Reading is Killing Us, No.7) and Junie B Jones series for my 2nd grade daughter.  I think we will just put it out there that the kids can read whatever they want from the series and when we get together, we'll share about the books we read. 
For book club we are reading the following 3
  • June: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons By Lorna Landvik
  • July: The Wild by Cheryl Strayed
  • Aug: Defending Jacob by William Landaut

OK... That should be enough reading for the summer!!  

Goal 6: 

Not so much in the creative department, but none the less a goal.  I will be working on eating healthy, working out, and being active with bike rides and walks with my dear family. 

Goal 7: 

Gardening will continue to be a large part of my summer as well as fishing and traveling.  We have family trips planned to visit my husbands family in WI, my sister in IA, and my family near Rochester MN. These are the summer activities that have become routine and the reason I'm looking forward to the end of this week.

Goal 8: 

The Art of Education conference and classes.  I just finished a iPad's in the Art room course through AOE.  I am an instructor for AOE and will be teaching classes throughout the summer, but I'm also a student.  The last class was great!  I have a focus now for how I want to use iPad's in my classroom next year! I also will be presenting at the AOE online summer conference.  I can tell you my presentation will be on Artist Trading Cards.  I'm so excited to share a really BIG idea to go with these little cards. Maybe I'll 'see' some of you in my classes or at the conference. 

I always write goals down on my blog, It's a way to really say, I'm serious and really want to be successful.  Blogging about these goals makes me accountable, and gives you a little insight into what the summer posts will include.

Share with me what your summer goals are...


  1. I haven't had time to think about goals! My goal is just to relax! Wonder is a super good book. I remember thinking it would be very powerful for middle school kids. Is your second grader reading it too? You might want to preread it before she does. I can't remember exactly what is in the book but it was very emotional.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. We will be sure to read the book at least a chapter ahead. :) Relax is a GREAT summer goal!