Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Can Art Be a Assessment for other Subjects?

I have been invited by B Brazeau @Braz74 to come up with a question to share on his Ed Chat #sstlap.  It's actually an ed chat designed for Social Studies Teachers but I have found it to be fun to join in on a regular basis.  They have a great bunch of people and are very excepting of the 'crazy art teacher' and her ideas :) Brazeau has a great Blog (The Time Traveling Teacher) that is educational based.   I know many of you who visit this blog are art people, but it's nice to branch out and learn from others.  Hear others voices and priorities. 

OK, Here is the question that will be on the July 30, 2015 chat at 8pm Central Time on the chat #sstlap.  Supporting video can be found below?

Q: Can an Art project be a summative assessment for your classroom? No words, just the art? #sstlap

I don't even know if I have an opinion on this.  I DO know that visual art teachers are often asked to assess curriculum using skills and practices in other classrooms such as writing.  So let's just put it out there and see if the tables were turned, would it be appropriate to have a summative assessment be a visual art project for another subject?

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