Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Crazy Quilt

We have another guest artist for the #ProcessPigs!  Let me introduce you to Aunt Carolyn (at least that is what we call her around our house).  Aunt Carolyn is Mr. Hahn's Aunty and a true artist of many mediums.  One thing that Carolyn always does with her artwork is reuse discarded materials.  She is much more into process than product although her product is always really amazing! 

Aunt Carolyn made a Crazy Quilt pig out of old men's ties.  I love it, don't you.  I asked her to document her process so I can show you how she came up with this final pig.

First Carolyn created a design.  I love that she is already thinking about that amazing spiral tail.  Once she had a plan, she created a pattern.

She gathered the materials for the pig and got started!

She started to sew the body and head out of the ties.  She did this by sewing them onto a dryer sheet (I think), and cutting the circle out after all the ties were sewen on.

Then she created the background, Carolyn explained that she was thinking of the sky and the muddy pen that the pig lived in when she chose the ties to use for the background.

Did you see how that pig looks like it's stuffed?  Well it is, but this artist didn't leave anything for waist.  She used all the scraps to stuff the pig!  Great ideas Carolyn.  Look at how she did that, she took and cut a small hole in the back of the pigs body and placed all the scraps inside. 

Then she took the pig, turned it around and sewed it onto the background.

A border was added to the pig as well as eyes, snout, and a tail.  What do you think the eyes are made out of?  How about the snout?  The tail?

Here it is, Aunt Carolyn's #ProcessPigs!  I'm so excited to add this pig with the rest of the pigs on the Hassan Elementary Art room wall!

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