Friday, August 14, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Watercolor

Watch the very quick video of this #ProcessPigs that was created using watercolor. Once you watch the video, take a look at the images below.

Can you guess why I choose to tape the paper down when I was water coloring?  Do you have to tape the paper down to be successful?

Did I use light drawing or dark drawing?  Did I add all my details on the drawing?  Why do you think an artist would make these choices?

Now look at the picture below, What are some of the tools you see in these pictures?  

I used 3 techniques for this watercolor 

1.  WET-ON-WET: This is where you get your paper wet first and then you add your paint. What do you think happens to the paint when you use a wet on wet method?

2. DRY BRUSH:  This is when your paper is dry, but your paint is wet.  What do you think dry brush is good for?  Why would an artist want to use dry brush?

3. SPLATTER:  Splatter is when you get paint on a brush and tap it so the paint falls off onto your paper. Why would an artist splatter paint?

Do you see the test strip in the image below?  Why would an artist want a test strip of paper?

When the painting is all dry, the tape is removed.  What do you notice about the painting when the tape has been taken off?

Talk about the painting.  Is this a nice and neat job?  Does it look like a pig?  What colors did the artist use?  What would you suggest to the artist?

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