Monday, August 10, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Zentangels

This #ProcessPigs is not created by yours truly... I think that's why it's extra special.  This pig was created by my mother-in-law... We call her Grandma Mary around our house.  Grandma Mary picked up Zentangleing a couple years ago as we were visiting for one of the holidays... I think it was Christmas.  I knew she was the perfect person to ask to create a Zentangle Pig.

Do you know what Zentangles are?  They repeating patterns and designs created with shapes and lines.  Most of the time you see this artwork done in black and white but sometimes artist use colors.  You can find many ideas for how to create different 'tangles' by clicking here.  The 'Zen' in Zentangles is because creating this repetition of designs many times allows for the artist to find peace and calm. 
I asked grandma Mary to take pictures of her process.  She started out by drawing the shape of the pig with a pencil. 

Then she got to work with her pen.  This pig was done a little at a time and took a long time to create.  You can tell by the pictures, she was inside sometimes, and outdoors sometimes.  It was a process that she took with her to several locations.  Grandma Mary felt calm and relaxed while creating this pig. 

WOW!  The final pig is stunning!  What is your favorite tangle (pattern) that you see on this pig (or flowers)?

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