Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#AOELIVE Reflection

Goal or Soul is one of my favorite ideas and most grounding thoughts I have every day.  You know when you are twirling out of control because you have so much to do you can't breathe... Maybe that is just a me problem but I don't think it is.  Tim (my husband) and I felt this a year ago and made a new years resolution.  

If it isn't for a goal, or for our soul, we have to say no.

This was one of the many quotes from tonight chat on #AOELIVE. What an amazing experience tonight.  Andrew and Tim rank high in my favorites list!  These guys are so easy to talk to and funny, and thoughtful.  It was such an honor to be asked to chat on #AOELIVE.  

AOE does a wonderful job of making me look wise... ;) Love these quotes they pulled from my rambling. 

Ummm... don't show my admin:) No for real... I have earned trust in my administration, my goal is to only Rock my students Art world.  And I'm going to make it happen.  Ask for forgiveness...

Who doesn't, right... not a rocket science... but something to keep in mind when preparing for lessons.

This is driven by an initiative called The Connect Effect.  It's something that the Rogers schools and community is doing.  I have posted on this before (previous post).

Even felt the love from Mr. E today... What a nut :)

Social media lit up with comments from old and new friends, My Mom, Mother-in-law, Aunty, all my sisters, come coworkers... they all tuned in to celebrate all the fun I have in my classroom.  How humbling. 

To: The Art of Education and #AOELIVE... Again, thank you for inviting me to be a part of the amazing things that you do.


  1. I had no idea you were on the show! Can't wait to watch. I love what you have to say so this will be fun.

    1. Thanks Patty, you know I'm a big fan of yours as well! Being on the show was wonderful!