Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#DotDay15- Dots as Formative Assessment

This week was my first week of school.  I had some new faces and names to learn in Kindergarten and lot's of Dots to make for Dot Day.  I did stations for my K's and one of the stations was 'Name Dots on a Stick'.  I pre-wrote the names because students at this stage of the game have a variety of skills.  They were instructed to decorate the dot and I was able to take a picture of their cute faces with their dot name.

This not only worked with our school-wide celebration of #DotDay15, as well as documentation of these cute little new students... but it also helped me out tremendously with assessment.  This became a formative assessment for me.  If given little instructions such as design around your name with crayons, where are these young artists coming in at?  It allows me to better focus my projects for the future.  I discovered that I have one class that is packed with more experienced artist, so I will be able to bring their lessons a bit higher this year.  The other classes have some growth to work on and I have documentation of where they are at entering Kindergarten this year.

Who knew... You can use Dots as Formative Assessment?

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