Friday, September 25, 2015

Investigation Station

Cleaning out my garden last night I was inspired to make a new station today.. The investigation Station.  Got some tweezers, magnifying glasses, pencil, paper and tape.  The flowers from my garten were the subject of investigation this time.

1st-grade students were instructed they could not work at this station without watching the video of what the station was all about.  It was the first time using a QR code in my class.  They knew what to do because of their awesome Media/Tech teacher last year.
They had so much fun taking apart these flowers.  They didn't destroy them... which was totally what I was thinking would happen.

They were very excited to bring home their little treasures.  How simple is this? They get to know the anatomy of flowers through self-discovery. That is a good thing for sure. This will be a repeat station.  It wasn't the interest of all... but it was for a good handful.

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  1. Love the hands on exploration and integration of science and art. This looks like there was so much fun and learning happening, and science connections in art are becoming increasingly important to me as teachers and schools focus on math and ELA, sometimes not giving science it's due. So wonderful, thanks for sharing!