Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Update: Artist Trading Card Swap

Do you want the good news or the bad news or the good news... 

The Good:
  • The 1st Annual MiniMatisse Global Artist Trading Card Swap is a MAJOR success! We now have 101 schools signed up and over 10,700 cards expected!
The Bad:  
  • It's my first time, I'm being sponsored by my Parent Group to provide this for free.  I'm nervous and want to assure that this is a success! That means, I need to close the trade off this year to new participants. 
The Good news AGAIN!!:
  • There is a way for everyone to participate digitally! I am so happy to introduce Creatubbles.com.  I have created a 'Gallery' for all participants (ALL students who make ATC's) to upload their work onto our gallery.  
Let me introduce Creatubbles!! This is an online Digital Portfolio that I will be using with my 4th grade this year to document their Artist Trading Cards.  There is so much that I love about this site, but let me just tell you a couple of reasons why you should join us in adding your artwork on Creatubble...
  1. This site is SAFE!  It is advertised 'The safe social platform for creative kids'.  Isn't that what we are all looking for?  A totally safe platform for our students. 
  2. It's a beautiful site!! Easy to use, intuitive to users. 
  3. It connects students worldwide. Students can comment and 'bubble' (similar to a like on Facebook)
  4. Students have control!  They can create their homepage, add their art outside of school, create artist statements, add voice and video.  
Take a look at what Susan Riley from Education Closet has to say about it. 

A little more about Creatubble... 

Here is where our Artist Trading Cards some in.  I have made a 'Gallery' for our trades.  I'm very excited to have students upload their works to the site.  It's an open gallery so anyone participating can upload their ATC's (even teachers). This gallery is new and developing, but it will grow.  Future post will explain how the cards can be tracked easily, and how students can write about their art, leave messages, and even add video.  Stay tuned, in the meanwhile, be sure to check out the site and sign up for a FREE account.


  1. I am excited to check this out!!! Sounds awesome!

  2. Thank you for this post, Nichole! We're very much looking forward to seeing all amazing cards from #K12ArtChat challenge -
    The Creatubbles team

  3. yo, lady:) what's the due again for the student swap?

    1. Nov. 30th my dear, or before http://minimatisse.blogspot.com/2015/08/update-on-artist-trading-card-swap.html