Thursday, October 15, 2015

Art to Remember, Snails

I just sent out a whole box of Art to Remeber projects!  For those of you who don't know, Art to Remember is an Art Fundraiser.  I don't consider this to be a fundraiser, but rather a service to the families of the school that I work at.  For this art event, I did two grades with per one project.  This was my Kindergarten and 1st-grade project.

This was created on day 2 of being in my classroom.  I had station set up and my k's/1's were invited to the painting station to make this cute little snail shell. 

First I placed a little paint on their paper and they moved it around with a brush.  then they used some Artistic Rubber Tip Painting Brushes (can be found with a google search)  to remove some of the paint.

Some of the students wanted two colors so I said, let's give it a try.  They first spread out one color and then a second on top.  When they removed the paint, the first color was revealed. 

I did use stations to work on these snails... this is how it all went down :P

PS.  I love that student 'A' helps student 'B' with her paint shirt.

The second day of the lesson I was still using stations but I had one station set up for coloring.  They were invited to come to me in groups of 8 and I ran through how to draw the snail.  They then went to the coloring station and when completed there, went to their choice station. 

These snails rock!  They totally cracked me up.  It was fun to 'meet' my K's with this cute project.  I saw a huge difference in the skill level of my K's.  This project acted as a good pre-assessment.

So glad to have the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 come out the week that we were working on this.  It inspired a couple of vampire snails... just what their parents are going to want to cherish forever on a coffee mug :) There are many other project samples by viewing this Google folder (click here).

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