Thursday, October 8, 2015

Creative Staff

I am finishing up our Art to Remember projects and thought I would give the opportunity for my staff to have their personal kids participate. What a blast!  I opened up my room last Thurs. night to have families come in and create art. About 8 families came... no less than 2 in each... it was a crazy fun time.

Didn't do a lot of set up really.  I gave opportunity for students/kids to do whatever they wanted or the  project I was ready to show them.  I was inspired to try smART Classes, Shaving Cream Peacock.  This little guy was more about drawing Yoda... that's cool :)

So I did a quick example and included some steps for the kids to draw independently.  The tracers are contact paper.  Art to Remember doesn't want collage, so we had to come up with an alternative to creating the body. After the drawing was done the contact paper was removed... the sticky was unstuck the best we could by putting it on our clothing... and placed over the body to protect it from the shaving cream print.

At the shaving cream station I played down some plastic with paper under to show how big the shaving cream had to be spread. We used liquid watercolors to drip on the cream and spread them out on the cream.

Yep, this one is still working on Yoda.

It got a little messy, but that was the best part of this project.  That smell of shaving cream (and pizza) in the air was heart warming.

The night brought in some big fans! 

After a couple peacocks, the kids quickly discovered that it was best to not totally mix the colors together... it looks amazing when the colors are mixed but not blended like the example below.


Once we were done manipulating the color, the peacock was placed down on the shaving cream and pressed gently into the print. 

The shaving cream was removed with cardboard and the amazing print was revealed.  The sticker had to be quickly removed from the paper or it ended up sticking really tight.  The final step was to color the body using crayons.

Even Yoda got some shaving cream.

All ages, Moms, and Dads alike... this project was a lot of fun for all!

Here are just a few other project samples from the night.  The one below is my Matisse... Check out her Creatubble post with video (click here).

This one below is a kindergarten example... Pretty stink'n cute if you ask me.

Finally getting the swirl effect going on.  What a blast for me, and for these kids!

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  1. These are cool, what a neat night for your school! What is the barrier on the table?