Friday, October 16, 2015

#K12ArtChallenge, Celebration, Week 2

Can we just take a minute to celebrate the amazing work of the participants of the #K12ArtChallenge.  I have been very impressed with the art images coming in! Half way done people... New challenge posted tomorrow. 

Posted by Melissa Bellafiore

Posted by Jennifer Burdis

Posted by Barbara Wanhill

Who's in?
Posted by Arlene Shelton

Posted by Team Grundler

Posted By Arlene Shelton

Posted by Matthew Grundler

Posted by Steph Brooks

Vimeo by Tim Needles

Posted by Tery Castrogivanni

Posted by Cris Guenter

Posted by Courtney McWhirter

Posted by Lisa Mantibello

Posted by Tery Castrogivanni

Posted by Jen Faulconbridge
Link to video

Miriam Paternoster posted a work in Progress (of her class)

Posted by Ted Edinger

Posted by Lisa Montibello, Progress on her 5th Grade

Posted by Casey Walker

Posted by Steph Brooks

Posted by Kate

Posted by Michelle Edwards
See the link by clicking here (such a fun process)

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