Saturday, October 10, 2015

#K12ArtChallenge, Week 2

Did you see Week 1?!?!  Some of us at the #k12ArtChat were discussing how the numbers aren't huge... we have a small group of people in the challenge this time around, but the Quality is AMAZING!!  The processes you put out there last week ROCKED my world!

OK, enough with the exclamation points.  Let's get down to business. This week I would challenge you to explore a Medium.  Choose one that you love, or want to try.  Do a little research online and discover new ways of using the medium... or show us the skills you have already.  Practice your art.  

I choose to do watercolor.  I love so many mediums it was hard to find one that I really wanted to go with, but this was really fun.  For me these cards take days... I could hardly wait for the paint to dry to move forward with the cards... In fact, one night I dreamt in ATC's.  Don't tell anyone, I don't want people thinking I'm obsessed.

Even though this week is all about mediums, I'm going to share the process of a couple of the cards I made.

The first card above is tree was a wet on wet method letting bubble wrap sit on the paper while it dried.  I removed some color with water to make the moon.  The tree and ground was applied with water and then watercolor pencil shavings off from sand paper.  Ta- da... Card one!

Card two, Pumpkin. Started with masking fluid to cover the pumpkin shape.  Applied the paint as a wet on wet again and then layed down some medical gauze adding a little more paint on top. After it was dry I removed the masking and gauze and painted the pumpkin with paint and watercolor pencil shavings.

And the last card above.  The gauze created the background again.  The spider was created on a separate paper with water and watercolor pencil, cut out after drying, and glued onto the textured background.

Above are the two rejects from this medium.  I used a masking fluid.  After drying the color was added and then the mask removed.

Stay tuned for the next celebration on Oct. 16th and the #K12ArtChallenge on Sat. Oct. 17th.

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