Saturday, October 17, 2015

#K12ArtChallenge, Week 3

I can't really pick a favorite week... I love this one too!!  This week is going to be about SUBJECT!  It was fun to look at Process and Mediums the last couple of weeks but this week is all about your subject. Choose a subject that you can relate to... or one you hate.  Ask a model to sit for you, or simply look at still life subject from around your house or classroom. Think BIG subject or small.  Choose a subject and roll with it for these three cards this week. 

If the song Witchy Woman by the Eagles is playing in your head after looking a these images, I'm sorry, but that earworm has been in my head for the last week as I worked on these cards... join me in song :) 

So you may or may not notice there is no big video production this week.  I wanted to take the time to really be present for these cards.  The processes were fun with printing with a Gelli print as well as shaving cream.  Using bubble wrap and spray paint.  Creating images with packaging tape transfers and gesso transfers.  And finally adding a little drawing and collage ad the end.  It was a lot of fun, and so glad to eat up every minute of these cards. 

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  1. Nic, blending art/tech/lit is another way to get the digital message out to the world about the value of artistic expressions.