Monday, October 5, 2015


We got our first trade in from Nicole in California, USA!  Her students cards were amazing! HIGH quality for sure! Ms. Hsieh did a perfect job sending all the right information for the trade as well.  If all cards come to me like this... Our Artist Trading Card Swap is going to be a MAJOR success!

Nicole filled out the form for ATC's perfectly.  The BIG thing for me as a distributor of cards is that there is an accurate number of cards being traded, and that there is a clear address to send them back.  The other information will be great to have for each trade as well.

I have a few cards here that I want to celebrate and a few more on  I will not be uploading all the cards to creatubbles, but would love for more to take part.  I just put a couple on to give more examples of ATC's for other schools, check it out! Making a Creatubble account is so easy and I would totally encourage you to look into it for your school, please share your cards on my Gallery if you do post some cards.

So there it is... the first card the map for the 2015/16 school year! 

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