Sunday, December 20, 2015

Line Mittens--for our Littles

To start this lesson students learned about straight and curved lines.  We talked about the many kinds of lines that we can make with these two types of lines, such as zig-zag, loopy, waves... and so on. I asked the kids to make a line painting using tempera cakes.

The next time these kiddo's came to class we used the paper to make a mitten.

Students picked out a skin color that best represented them.

Glued it on with a glue sponge.

Then I drew around their hand with a marker to guide their cutting.

This was one of my assessments for the second day creation... looking at cutting skills and seeing who needs a little extra help in this category.

Again glue sponges helped us to adhere the mitten onto the 'arm'.

This was a nice little treat that teachers were able to hang up for display.  They have not had a lot of display work this year due to my station learning.

The projects turned out really cute!


  1. About those glue sponges. I tried to make them by combining some water with glue and soaking the sponge in the container. It did not work. I pressed a paper on the sponge and tried to glue it down and it did not take. Any suggestions?

    1. I use almost no water at all. I have had these two years and they are still woking well. I use Elmers glue... not sure why it's not working for you. sorry.