Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ultimate Sub Plans

So I've been sick... the kids have been sick.... my husband has been sick... Happy Holidays to ALL!  I have had to miss a lot of school.  Some reason are for sickness but I also had the opportunity to go to TIES (the best technology conference in the state of MN), and Art is up for curriculum review so there have been days out of the classroom for that.  So sub plans have been very important.  I have posted on this subject before and even have a label on this blog for some different ideas. (click here)

This year I have a couple of classroom iPads.  It's perfect for sub plans.  The first thing I had to do was purchase an iPad dongle for a VGA adapter so that my iPad could be projected. (click here to read about this piece)  This allows my sub to use an iPad and me to be able to have my computer at home.

I have made a 'Sub Plan' channel on my Youtube and I leave the link in my notes.  I can change them at will at home (or wherever I am) so that the videos are up to date and I can throw something together last minute.  If you know my blog, you know that I flip a lot of my lessons, but I also use a lot of video's from other websites.  Art for Kids hub is one of my favorite websites for sub (and teaching) inspiration. 

I used his Elf on a Shelf lesson this last week while I was out.  I also used it the hour before holiday break... the kids were not about to grip a new concept for the day... so we will draw Elf on the Self.  I love this guy Rob!  He always brings in a 'guest' artist to draw with him.  I love seeing the small hand working beside his more trained hand.  It gives students the courage to give it a try. I also think he is funny.  Rob is always laughing and joking around with the kids.  This website is a GEM people... You have to check it out.

So, Publicly... Thank you, Rob for the lessons I have place on my sub plans and for the lessons I have used for inspiration in my classroom.  Keep on posting!

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