Friday, January 8, 2016

After the Chat- Great PD for Stop Motion Animation

The Chat from last night was a SUCCESS!!  There were many Art Educators and some of my pals from #sstlap (social studies group) joined in.  There were a lot of VERY advanced stop motion animation instructors in the chat and the equal amount of novelist.  That really made the chat great professional development.  Even if a chat doesn't sound like it is for you, give it a try because you might be surprised how you words could impact another... or someone else's words could impact your life in some way.  Below is the chat saved on Storify, and below that is the 'after chat' I had with Matt and Laura. Just want to publicly say Thanks to the #k12ArtChat community for taking the time to make last night an active, quick, relevant Professional Development.

After Chat with Laura and Matt: 

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