Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Big Chill Dream Kitchen

I was recently introduced to the brand, Big Chill, and I thought it would be fun to come up with a kitchen design inspired by their colorful products. I used the app Brushes, my favorite drawing app, to experiment with layers. The drawing and design was inspired by this beautiful “beach blue” stove, a product of Big Chill.

I took a picture of my kitchen for inspiration for the drawing. My husband almost flipped when he saw what I was doing because we have only been in the house for 5 years and during that time we have redone almost everything.  This kitchen was the first thing we worked on.  He thought I was making plans for a change (and maybe I am :)).

To go with these products I found a couple of things that would make this 'pretend kitchen' happy. 

I have had this pinned for a long time and I'm just trying to figure out the best place to do this tile with colored grout. Isn't it fun.  In my design kitchen, I was going to place it on the backsplash behind the counter and behind the bookshelf as well. 

In this kitchen, I get everything I want... right?  Sure why not.  I would have Miriam Paternoster from ArteaSculoa (recent winner of AOE blog of the year) make all my dishes.  I would get measuring cups, glasses, plates and coffee mugs (even if I don't drink coffee). I would eat off these dishes and be happy every day.

The bike print in the image above is a print from Sarah Welch from Wooden Spoons Editions. I love her work.  As you can see from the print below, she has some strong use of negative space.  I love that this lady is a Minnesota Artist and so very skilled at her craft! 

I might add some splashes of color from World Market. Lot's of the unique furniture in our house if from World Market.  I feel that their stuff is ever changing but holds true to looks that I can appreciate.  I love shopping there. 

And because I'm me, a kitchen would not be complete without an apron.  This is my favorite pattern from Amy Butler called Domestic Goddess.  Again, this is dream-world, so I would splurge on some of Amy Butler's fabric too.  I'm currently on a fabric 'freeze' until I use up what I have a bit more. ;)

It was fun to have a little dream session involving some great products.  Thanks for the challenge Big Chill

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  1. I could do everything (dishes, cups, glasses..) in your red and light blue favourite colors!!