Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Great Teacher Resources

Two surprising and great honors!  

Yesterday morning I was checking twitter and saw Creatubbles had posted about 20 great teachers to follow on Pinterest.  Perfect! I love adding to my Pinterest follows and boards.  I jumped onto the post and started clicking on all the names only to find out, I was on the list!! That made me smile.  I use Pinterest as the ultimate filing cabinet, collection of aspiring lessons and home projects, and a way to collect inspiration.  To be acknowledged as a 'must follow' meant a lot to me.  I have looked and followed the others suggested, Holy great resources here,

Later that day, I saw a post for the AOE, Blog of the Year award on Facebook.  Again, honored and humbled to see my name with such amazing bloggers.  Of course there is the people who have become my friends over the year.  Blogs that I have gathered inspiration from over and over.  Friends that might not ever know that I'm calling them friends or connected to them other than the comments I leave on their posts.  Even more fun, the up and coming and Wild Card categories!  You can really gather some amazing new follows by jumping on this post and checking them all out.  Also, be sure to vote for your favorites.


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