Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter 2016, #AOEconference

So, here it is... Today is the AOE online Winter Conference.  I picked up the babysitter, made lasagna last night, and have my computer fully charged!! I'm ready. I have 6 tabs up at all times.  The AOE chat, the AOE live conference, Twitter, Twitter Dec, Facebook and this post.  Some people might ask, how can you do that?  How can you flip from tab to tab and be present.  This is being present.  Twitter, Facebook, and Chat... that's interacting with my #PLN.  The blog post is reflection (live reflection in fact).  I will be posting this next month on some of the presenters so I will wait on any of their highlights.  But today, I'll reflect, celebrate and continue to post about #AOEconference
AOE has been a part of my life the last couple of years.  I love being a part of this team!  Just think about the line up for the AOE Conference this year.  These people are amazing inspiration.  Now I feel like I can call myself friends with many of them.  This last month I was honored to be nominated for the AOE blog of the year.  It was so kind of you (my blog followers) to think of me.  I'm so glad that you find what I write to be beneficial.  I was awarded a finalist badge.  I appreciate it!  Thanks for the nomination and votes. 

Back to the conference! Jessica Balsley announce that there was a record amount of participants over 2100 attendees!  WOW!  I was able to follow the hashtag #AOEconference.  This quote below is perfect! It's true.  This day, this PD... is for us, ART TEACHERS and creative souls!  Let's celebrate! 

FUN, FUN, FUN!! All of this SWAG was included in the AOE Swag Bag sent to the first 1500 participants.  Are you kidding.  Let me just share a few of the items in the bag.

Are you kidding me?? 8 canvas in one pack?  That is so generous from Art Alternatives. 

Speaking of generous... Crystal Productions gave us a Peggy Flores video.  I have all of these on VHS... but have slowly been getting the DVD's again.  These videos are perfect for subs, or just simply for instruction.  I love Peggy.  I feel like she trail blazed the road for all of us who create online instruction. 

Paper, Paper, Paper These great samples are a must... It's the best way to advertise what the product really are.  I can't wait to rip into the Canson sample paper.  I have several sketchbooks  I love that there was a 'little' sketchbook provided this year.  I think our kids would love this little treat. 

Arts Activities is a wonderful magazine that provides some amazing PD and inspiration for Art Teachers.  They have always been generous to share a copy of their magazine in the Swag box.

Me being allergic to clay... I don't often find personal inspiration in clay presentations.  To tell you the truth, I miss clay so much, and it makes me sad that I can't do everything that is presented... boo hoo... anyway, I love that there are glazes in the swag box.  With the Art Teacher swap, Leah does the clay, and I do the treatments after it has been fired.  Can't wait to give these a try.

As always, it was great to see both Square 1 and Art to Remember.  I have used both and had success with both!  These sweet little gifts are quite a bonus. 


Fun stuff!  I love when we get little idea projects. These are great! I know that there are a lot of art teachers that wait for the 20% off coupon from Blick.  This is so valuable and of course we always love the lesson presented by Blick.  They do such a nice job on their website. 

Finally, we got a great poster from Barney Saltzberg who presented at the conference.  That is a perfect gift in this swag box because I'm sure that many of us will be inspired to share this book in our classrooms (even more) now that we have got to hear Barney speak. 

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