Monday, February 22, 2016

Adventure #Crush

I have had a #Crush on Patty Palmer for a long, long time.  I'm really quite excited to celebrate her and some of her accomplishments in this post. Patty is the author and creator of DeepSpaceSparkle, an amazing blog that makes art (and teaching art) accessible for all.

I started following Deep Space Sparkle many years ago. I have watched the web page change, become more professional.  I have seen Mrs. Palmer's focus on the website change and develop.  I have watched as she presented online, was interviewed, published, and even hosted a workshop last year.  Her marketing has been impressive to follow.

One of the latest endeavors that Patty has ventured in is Podcasts. I love this! I love that she is making herself (and other art teachers) that much more accessible.  I love listening and find myself smiling throughout the podcasts because I can imagine the conversation taking place and the comments of the guest and host.  It's fun to be invited into such a valuable yet laid back conversation presented in these episodes from ART MADE EASY.

After listening to several of the podcasts, I feel that Patty has really taken a fun ride so far in life.  Her creative brain has not only conquered Art Education in such a creative way, but also has made great efforts to be very business wise.  She has a lot to share and I'm so happy to be watching this adventure this amazing person is taking. Admiring from afar Patty Palmer... I have a #Crush on your Amazing Adventure that you are so willing to share with us.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much Nic! You are so sweet to say these things. The crush is entirely mutual. You'll need to be my next guest on Art made Easy so people can hear YOUR amazing contributions to art education. I'll be in touch. Many, many thanks for sharing the podcast with others.