Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#Crush, Family

I thought I would start out with my number 1 #Crush! My family. Above is my immediate family.  My husband, and two kids.  These three bring me so much joy! My kids are amazing.  They are independent, kind, hardworking, creative little people.  I often say my son is an old soul.  He has been here before for sure.  He's a talker but feels most comfortable talking to people 80 or older.  He listens and asks questions.  My daughter, on the other hand, is in her first go-round.  She is curious about EVERYTHING.  She listens, she's coachable, she's eager to learn, but let me tell you she is her own person, and what a beautiful person that is.  My family makes me laugh everyday and smile most of it. These two kids are beautiful inside and out and I'm so honored to be in their life.

I always joke that my husband is my 'fine mister' when I'm teaching a watercolor class.  See what I did there... My husband, Tim's face is on the spray bottle I use.  It was a picked up joke from a watercolor class I took years ago, but it works in my world too. 

Tim and I met in college and I knew I was in love with him way before I met him.  Some people call it stocking... I call it admiring from afar.  I was an RA in his dorm and I would see him around, it's hard to miss him being he is 6'5 but it was more than that.  His smile... awe... he was kind to everyone around him. I needed to meet him.  In fact, our first date was on Valentines Day.  I know, cliché but it worked.  He's a teacher in the same district and I admire him as an educator.  He is innovative, deep thinking, and a leader.  People know him because of his positive energy and outgoing personality.  He is a good son.  He has a connection with his Mom that is honest, raw, and real. He had/has such an appreciation for his late father.  He admired his work ethic and engineering brain.  We laugh and cry at the memory of his Dad together, and I know he does in private as well.  He is a wonderful Son-in-law.  In fact, I'm not sure if my family would choose me if something were to ever change.  He's a wonderful brother.  I love watching Tim and his brother together.  Siblings have a language that is unique to them, and it's a beautiful sound. He's a great friend.  He will go the extra mile for any of his buddies.  There is no age limit to his friends either.  He would be the first to tell you his best friends range from 8 years old to 90 years of age.  He connects with everyone he comes in contact with.  The thing that continues to make me fall in love with him every day is the fact that he is an amazing Dad.  He loves our kids with all his heart. He listens, plays and makes them know they are important. He is proud and patient.  For all of these reasons and more, I am passionately in love with this man still to this day.

This is where it started for me.  This is my family.  The Mom and Dad who showed me what love is, and the sisters who I miss with the silliest memories.  My parents showed me what it means to be hard working, to be creative, and supported me/us in all of our unique skills and dreams.  They celebrate us, brag about us, and appreciate us.  I'm the oldest of the 4 of us.  I bossed them around for many years and for some reason, they still like me.  Somewhere along the line. these girls turned into women, successful in their path, loving to those they care for, and each have qualities to admire.

Finally, in this post is my Mother-in-law and Aunt Carolyn.  These sisters have taught me how to be outspoken.  They show me every time I see them that haveing an opinion and being strong is expected.  We have had many laughs and good conversation.  These women were critical for me to be the person I am today. 

This post does not talk about my grandparents, Tim's grandma, my Aunts and Uncles, nieces and nephews and wonderful brother and sister-in-law.  All are part of my family #crush, but if I talk about them all this year, what will I talk about next year.  I am RICH in family and love and know it.  I am so very lucky in so many ways. 

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