Monday, February 1, 2016

#Crush Series Introduction

Welcome to my #Crush Series! If you read this blog, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, if you know me personally... you know I'm in love with this world and the people in it.  This month hosting the holiday of love, even if Valentines Day might have been made up by card companies, I thought what better way to celebrate some of my #Crushes.  There is no way, I can get them all in during one month, but there is next February, and the next.

Do you have a #Crush? I decided to give this a hashtag to see if others are willing to share their #Crush.  If you do, be sure to tag me in it, @MiniMatisse... not that I'm your #Crush... just that I want to celebrate your #Crush... umm... awkward. Anyway, Be prepared to blush... because I'm about to share all of my deepest darkest crushes this month. 


  1. LOVE IT!!! Already started...hope I'm doing it right. ha ha

    1. It's going to be fun isn't! You can have a crush on anyone, or anything!! Can't wait to read your #crush