Monday, February 15, 2016

Music #Crush

This was one of my most difficult choices for my #Crush series.  Music.  I love music.  Lyrics speak to me. Beats move me.  I can't hold still when music is playing.  It's very motivational.  So how I made my choice was paying attention to what I turn the radio up for, what the latest purchases of music were and what messages speak to my life right now.  

We'll start with Locash. I ALWAYS blast this song when it comes on.  I had no idea who the artist was who sang it.  I'm really bad at that... but when I looked them up, I was happy to see a mix of Country and Pop. The title and repeating message of the song I blast in the car... I Love this Life, is a value deep to my core.  I make the choice every day to love the life I have, love the opportunities that are provided to me. This jam speaks to my soul! Thank you Locash.

Second on the list is Flo-Rida. I pretty much love all the records that this group has... I love working out to them.  My current obsession is 'Welcome to My House'.  That deep voice, snapping for a strong beat, energy and build up in this song... yep, I make others uncomfortable with my poor dance moves when this song comes on.  So thanks Flo-Rida for playing music that this 30 some can still jam to at the gym. 

Latest purchase? Several songs from Thomas Rhett.  Again, not someone I knew before I looked up a song I heard on the radio.  His happy songs like, 'I Feel Good' and the retro beat of 'Crash and Burn', I love it all.  I stop in my steps with the first lines of his romantic heart-stopping song 'Die a Happy Man'...  Not joking... I stop, close my eyes, and boy does those words take me to a very sweet memory (it's only a problem when I'm driving really).

You know you love a song when your kids can sing every word.  Most of the songs are all good for content but every once and a while I think... hum, should my 8-year-old really be singing that?  Oh well, I love the songs I love and play the songs I love.  My kids grow up with music in the house and their out of tune parents singing along.  Music is a large part of our house and it was fun to celebrate a couple of good songs today with this post.  

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