Sunday, March 6, 2016

Passion for Printmaking

#K12ArtChallenge has a good one for Youth Art Month... one of my favorites, PRINTMAKING!! I love it! Check out the challenge...

Printmaking was my passion in college.  That and life drawing.  I continued my training a few summers ago taking a course at MCAD (Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design) Had some great stuff out of that class!  I recently took a Printmaking class through AOE.  What an amazing experience.  It was the first studio class I have ever taken online.  What a great challenge.  It was fun to have our critiques online as such... but it was even better to say to my family, I have to go do my homework, and I went to my home studio... many times with my kids by my side.  That ROCKs, people! 

So in my class, we did a lot of research.  I have a good facebook page filled with printmaking ideas for both personal exploration and classroom (click here).  In my investigation, I found a lot of gems but these are two that I wanted to share with you.  If it was last month, they would have been part of my #Crush Series

First resource, Belinda Del Pesco.  Wow! This woman really has some amazing home printing suggestions! REALLY.  Sure, she prints professionally, but the tips and tricks she shares allows any home printer to have success. I learned a TON from her.

Then there is the Snake Artist.  This guy is a little off beat... but that's why I like him.  He's got a bit of a dry humor and it made me smile.  I specifically like his collagraph video. He explains, "it's just so easy". Funny, funny guy.

So, join in!  Let's get printing! 

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