Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5th Grade Stop Motion Animation Presentation

The following is the end result of the 5th grade stop motion animation 2015/16.  These students started months ago with our pet project.  They used the pets as their characters and developed a storyline around their characters.

I kept the stories simply by asking them to fill out the story map shown here.  I did not develop the map, I found it online here. It was perfect.  Each group had to come up with a problem, and a solution for their story.  Keeping it short was the hardest part of writing their story map.  

Students also had to develop their own sets.  These sets were simply designed on sheets of paper with materials of their choice. To create the characters, develop the storyline and create the set, students had put in 3 class periods already.

I gave the classes 2 days (hour long classes) to create their stop motions. As you can see above, students were asked to come up with their own solution of how they were going to film their stop motion videos.  I gave them some 'engineering restrictions'.  I told them they must have the whole (or most of the) set in the picture.  The set must be flat to a surface (table, floor, chair) and the camera must hover above it. I simply gave them a bunch of 'stuff' to use and come up with their own solution.

So this will be day 6, presenting their work.  We will be getting together to present our work to each other.  Students will be standing in front of the classes to introduce their stop motion and then presented. Can't wait to share how the presentations went. 


  1. So cool! Do you have a class set of ipads!? I don't have money in my budget for ipads but maybe I could write a grant? My students would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this.

    1. Great question. No classroom set for this girl. I borrowed 10 iPads for this project from the community iPad cart. You will have to let me know how it goes.

  2. do you showcase these at your annual student exhibit?