Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kindergarten Students Flipping their Own Instruction for Printmaking

Yes, someday's I'm not totally prepared for my class.  I like to have a flipped video prepared for my kindergarteners.  When doing stations it gives them information and expectations really fast for all 6 options for the day. Doing this allows my students to get to playing (I mean learning) faster. I knew I was going to print with my students, but I didn't have the videos done. 

As I explain in the video above, this is what I ended up doing for the day. Instead, I assigned each student a station and gave them a mini lesson and some time to learn it.  Then I revisited the stations and recorded a student introducing the directions.  I looped this together and showed it to the rest of my classes.  It was PERFECT!! 

After the fact, I recorded the 'What is Printing' video above.  PS... If anyone has a better explanation for printmaking for k's, please share.  I'm always at a loss for the words to use for these little buggers to give a definition for printmaking. I digress... I showed the intro to printing above and then had the students set up the stations by handing out the gems (see gem post). 

After the kids have a little break from setting up stations, I ask them back to the carpet to show them the flipped videos from the k's.  They loved seeing kids their own size, and in some cases, they even knew the now famous teachers.  Even though this total intro to the stations was a total of 10 minutes long (I try for 6 minutes), the k's were still actively listening. 


  1. Mrs Hahn, all these are really interesting. Great ! Thank you very much!

    1. Thank Nikh! I'm doing this with older kids now too. It working out great!

  2. So fun! Beckett loves art class!:)