Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Mind Map Challenge, #M_Mynotes

I saw this tutorial on facebook and my mind was blown.  This is exactly what I have been looking for for year... EXACTLY!  Who got into my brain and created this?? Only my favorite sketchbook company-- MOLESKINE! Moleskine sketchbooks are the once that I treasure... I hold in my hand just to feel the soft leather, the choices of colors and paper value... I love Moleskine sketchbooks and now this.

The video lead me to this post (image below or click here)

Well, all I have to do is open my 'conference notes'.  I love going to continuing education conferences.  I really geek out on professional development.  Many times I will take notes in an image-based format.  When finished, I connect with people on social media by sharing my notes with others... All I have to do is take a picture of it... if the lighting is right and I don't get a blurry picture, it's a good system.  The SmartWriting Set would make this so much more streamlined.  I really like the editing capabilities in the digital format.  How stink'n cool.

So, here it is, my #M_Mynotes Challenge! I'll be sure to share it on Twitter and Facebook as well as here, in this post!

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