Monday, May 16, 2016

#ConnectEffect, Digital Artwork Critique

This post is a collaboration between Hassan's Art Studio and other classrooms working on Stop Motion Animation.  We want to hear what you think.  We are wondering if you could give us some feedback on some of the Stop Motion videos that we created. 

We brought pets into our room and drew them.  These became the characters of our videos. We also created the 'set' for our story.  The story line was developed by creating a problem for our characters, and a solution.  

Please, watch the videos below and give us feedback on the google form.  Your comments might appear on this site again when Mrs. Hahn writes a follow-up post in June.  All comments will be monitored before being published or shared.  Please have comments into us by May 31st.  Thanks.

Questions to Consider:
  • Were the characters easy to see? What would you do to change them if you were the artist?
  • Did the set help you identify where the story took place? Any suggestions with the sets?
  • Could you hear the voices OK?  What would you change about the script?
  • How was the speed? The length of the video? 
  • What questions do you have about how we made our stop motions?

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