Sunday, May 1, 2016

Donors Choose- Mirror Request

I wrote up another Donors Choose request.  This time in hopes of a classroom set of mirrors. This is something that every student will use for years to come in my classroom.  I use mirrors many projects from lessons on symmetry to self-portraits. (Click here for the link to this project

I already had a generous donation from Karen who lives in North Branch, MN.  That was really cool to see a personal donation from a local donor. 

I thought I would try to advertise this a bit on my blog to share with parents of Hassan Elementary what our art room could use.  It's a great way to specifically support the Art Studio.  My hope is to have these in my classroom before the next school year.  Donors Choose been a great resource for my classroom already. I have received headphones and stylist for my classroom that my students use all the time. (See previous post) I'm honored to have another request out there for others to support the Art Studio of Hassan Elementary.

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