Sunday, May 1, 2016

#k12artchat, Thursday May 5th, 8:30 CST

We are going to try something new for our #K12ArtChat this week... It's called Blab.  Very new for me.  I have been to a couple of Blabs that have happened as an 'after twitter chat' and think it's kind of fun.  Why not give it a try with my online tribe.  We are all about learning here!

Most of what I know about Blab is from attending one that @smgaillard and @NKrayenvenger were featured on.  It was fun to watch them learn... I saw them discover something called 'props'.  This is where you hover over a set of hands on the screen under the presenter and it 'claps/gives props' to the person for a comment or a question that you appreciate.  In Sean and Natalie's case...  I think they were just having fun... bought a smile to my face.   A lot of what I have learned about Blab is from reading this great tutorial from Marc Levy.   Overall it's a platform that allows 4 people to present, others to view and comment, and it records for documentation.  It looks really interesting for our #k12ArtChat group.

The chat starts as it always does. The theme for the chat this week will help us get through the last couple weeks of school. Here are the questions for the upcoming Twitter Chat this Thursday. May 5th.  Starting at 8:30 pm CST
  • Introduction: Name, State, Grade Level you work with.  Also, how many days of school do you have before summer break?
  • Q1: How has your student's motivation changed over the course of the year? How has your motivation changed?
  • Q2: When you see students lose motivation, how do you intervene this time of the year?  Is it different than other times of the year? 
  • Q3: What are some ways that you stay positive and keep a healthy balance in the last month of school?
  • Q4: How do you continue to engage student's weeks/days before summer break? Lessons, Activites, Games??
  • Q5: Cleaning up and organizing is a BIG job for Art teachers at the end of the year. How do you get students involved?
  • Q6: Do you provide Art Challenges/Activities for your students over the summer? If so how or what?
  • Q7: What are your personal/professional goals for this summer break?
Then let's give Blab a try.  I have it scheduled for 9pm, CST.  We'll see how it goes.  Keep in mind Blab is in Beta, I'm in Beta... in fact, if I ever get a tattoo, that's the symbol it will be, BETA.  I feel like I never really finish testing new things out in my art, professional life, with my kids and husband... Always in Beta.  Sometimes it rocks... other times it doesn't, so we'll all keep that in mind as we give it a try. Thanks ahead of time for joining me in this trial run! 

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