Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sushi- Clay Dishes, Part 1

In our Art Teacher Swap, Mrs. Davies created sushi plates with 3rd and 4th grade.  It was kind of an experiment to see what age group is most appropriate for this lesson.  I think it was successful with both, so if I were to do this again with my students, I would place it in 3rd grade because they study Japan.

With me, the students glazed their work.  I did some experimenting with some of the classes as well.  I allowed some of the classes to add color to their dishes with their glaze. Others, I only allowed them to use clear glaze on their works.  I used a dipping method after I waxed the bottom of the dishes.  This year I used a dry mix to glaze with... I have much learning to do in the area of glazes... I think I'll stick with the pre-mix after this.  Some of the glaze didn't stick at all and other areas turned white instead of clear.  Some of them even dripped.  As you can see I also asked students to mix up the glaze every time because it would settle on the bottom so fast. 

Some of the finished works were stunning...

I loved how some of the students discovered new, creative ways to make their chopstick rests. 

There were even some students who created their own utensils.

No matter if these plates were simple, or very decorated, they were adorable!  My students really enjoyed this activity. 

There are two more posts about where how this clay lesson developed and turned into a fibers lesson as well.  Be sure to come back and check out Fiber Sushi and Sushi Games in the next couple of days.

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