Monday, June 13, 2016

Using Social Media as Professional Development: Instagram


Instagram is a new way for me to connect with other educators.  I feel like this might be a more Visual Arts teacher tool... but I can see it being used for other subjects too.  I started slow with using Instagram, (click here for my account).  It has really started to boom for me and I find it more inspiring than Pinterest much of the time.  It's fun to have some quick feedback and share only using images.  This is many art teachers prefered way to share their classroom with other on social media.

So the basics of Instagram is you can follow others, others can follow you.  You can share images and label them with hashtags and link them with websites if you want.  You are sharing your information with little to no words.  I tend to follow only people who are 'unblocked'.  I also keep this outlet focused on Art and Art Education. I have students that follow me so I always keep this professional. I do not follow students (maybe after they are graduated). For this social media platform, I try to follow more people than are following me... I find the more I follow the more I learn. 

I find inspiration from so many Artist and Art Educators, but here's a handfull of some amazing Art Resources you might want to follow... 

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  1. Love this Nic! I have a school Instagram account and the students know when I'm looking for "Gram worthy art!" Fun way to advocate and promote your program and your talented students!