Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Using Social Media as Professional Development: Podcasts

This just occurred to me this morning as I drove to St. Cloud.  PODCASTS!!! I use podcasts all the time for personal and professional development.  Why haven't I mentioned this as another social media that can provide professional development?

I listen to two Art Education specific podcast.  I don't always stay on top of them... I tend to binge once and a while on the last several recordings.  They are inspiring!  I listen to Arts Ed Radio, my buddies Tim Bogatz and Andrew McCormick.  They are so funny and 'real'.  I also listen to Patty Palmer's podcast Art Made Easy.  Both are wonderful resources for Art Teachers. 

Art Ed Radio
Art Made Easy with Patty Palmer

I also have recently discovered Brains On!  It's a great podcast to infuse a little science in your art class.  I play it when it relates to the lesson I'm teaching.  Give it a listen.

Please let me know if you have other podcasts that you think would fit well on this list.  I would love to share them.

Update: Wow!! How did I miss this one!! I just discovered that Danny Gregory has a podcast too!  He is an instructor an amazing Sketchbook Artist at Sketchbook Skool.  Can't wait to dive into Shut Your Monkey

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