Monday, July 11, 2016

Bit-O-Bio, Frida Kahlo

A couple weeks ago I introduced my series Bit-O-Bio.  I'm excited to share another addition to the collection... Frida Kahlo.  To get a good idea of what is included in this Bit-O-Bio, check out the introduction in this previous post (click here)

In this Frida's bio I talk about the following parts of her life:
  • She was sick from polio as a child and injured in a bus accident.  These incidences caused her a lot of physical pain throughout her life.
  • She admired and married Diago Rivera. He respected her art as well.
  • She got through difficulty in life using her art as therapy. Art is healing and a way to express feelings to others.
All that is highlighted in this biography about Frida is 'student-friendly'.  If you think there is a place for Frida in your classroom, click here to go to MiniMatisse TpT store.

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