Saturday, July 9, 2016

FREE Digital Station- Yarn Braiding

I have been sharing about some of my self-paced lessons recently and I want to give you a clear picture of how I use this method of teaching in my classroom.  I posted about a one-point perspective unit that I did with my older elementary, but this one is for the littles.  I have used QR codes and self-paced learning with all grade levels and find it highly motivating and obtainable for all students.


I created a video explaining how to create a braid using yarn.  This video is geared to our early learners, using kid-friendly words. I created a QR code to guide my students to the flipped (recorded) lesson.  

This QR code is placed on the inside of a file folder and a supply list on the outside of the folder as you see in the images above.  The file folder is then laminated for durability.  After the lamination is completed, I use clear packaging tape to create a pocket with clear plastic such as a transparency paper. I placed a project sample in the pocket so students can touch and examine a final product. 

I provide one device per station (click here).  In my classroom, I provide all of the supplies students will need in a tub including the file folder for scanning.  Students get an iPad, scan the QR code and get to work.  We have practiced working as a team while learning, pausing the video, and helping one another once we have become 'an expert'. This cuts down on arguments. The more practice the students do, the more successful they are at learning this way. 

This is perfect for giving students choice and allowing them to learn on their own.  Teachers become the facilitator rather than the instructor in a classroom run with stations. This is a good solution for large group learning or even homeschool students. I want EVERYONE to give it a try in your classroom so I'm giving this lesson away for free on TpT (click here).  I will continuously be adding more digital stations onto TpT so you can add to your collection.

Click Here for your Free Lesson

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