Wednesday, July 13, 2016

One-Point Perspective Extension Lesson

There's not a right answer to teaching... or teaching ART.  I provide my students with a mishmash of many teaching theories. 

I'm not a  TAB teacher.  I haven't been able to truly embrace the TAB (Teaching with Artistic Behavior) philosophy. I love the message of TAB provides and love that so many teachers use TAB wholeheartedly, but in my classroom, I embrace parts rather than all.

I'm not a Craft teacher either.  I use a lot of craft to teach fine motor.  I teach some lessons step-by-step for a pre-structured (ish) end result.  But I don't embrace this fully either.  I never want students art to look the same or tell them to use the 'right' colors, but I do give step by step suggestions sometimes. 

There are some lessons that I create with my students for product and others for process and sometimes self-discovery. That is where this lesson fits in.  This is an extension lesson to the self-paced, one-point perspective lesson that I introduced a couple weeks ago in a previous post (click here). This lesson is a packet that allows students to use devices to learn the steps of one-point perspective, then at the end, they get a choice.  They get to choose between two lessons that each come with a video.  

Today I'm offering my first extension lesson.  This lesson provides two additional one-point perspective lessons. Each lesson has an image of a project sample, a QR code, and a URL link. 

Again, a lot of suggestions are made in videos of 'how' to make the image, but there are also many times where I suggest using other mediums or creating a twist that makes their final product more unique. 

This lesson most definitely can be used without the one-point perspective unit.  You can teach your students one point perspective and use this extension for their final project.  Students can still choose between the two and have 'choice'.  I have tried to design these lessons so that they can be used many different ways for many teachers needs.  

Click here for this One-Point Perspective Extention

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