Friday, August 5, 2016

ATC Swap Sign-up

Here it is!! I have been pumping this up for a week now... and here it is... the sign up for the 2nd Annual MiniMatisse Artist Trading Card Swap.  After reading the reasons to join (reason 1, reason 2, reasons 3) and you think it's an activity for your class there is no time to waste! If you are interested in joining this year, now is your time to sign up.  There is a limited amount of participant so be sure to sign up right away!

After you have signed up on the Google Doc you can download this free support document.  It's going to have a welcome letter, more detailed expectations of the trade, a checklist and 'information wraps'. (click here for the link)

Some of the changes I made from last year is as follows... I am requesting that all participants organize their cards in groups of 10.  There were several teachers who did this last year and it made a world of difference when distributing them. Thanks for the idea Mr. E :) 


Each set of 10 will have an information wrap place around the cards and bound together as a group of ten using a rubber band.  It was really easy when teachers grouped their cards and wrapped them with string or rubber bands. 

I like the idea of each group of cards coming with all the information provided.  I know a lot of teachers displayed the cards for the rest of the school to see. Many times the cards were on display with a map.  This is going to make this part of the trade so much easier for all that are involved. 

As you can see there is information for teachers to connect beyond the trade.  I think this trade could be a great way for teachers to grow their #PLN (Professional Learning Network).  

Another change that was made this year is the date.  All cards are due November 11th, 2016. This will bring the cards to my doorstep by Fall conferences and I will be able to work on them and show parents the amazing project that we have going on in the art room this year again! 

I can't wait to see who will sign up this year... get your name on the Google form today!! 


  1. I've been waiting all week to sign up. I can't wait to get my school(s) involved in this great project!

  2. I'm SO excited! First year Art teacher here, and ATCs are going to be the awesome sauce I'm bringing to our school! Can't wait to be involved.

  3. :) your welcome!! I was scrolling looking at the pictures and not reading.....I was like...HEY..THOSE ARE MINE! Haha.

  4. I feel like I hit the jackpot stumbling upon this tonight! So excited to swap!

  5. Will there be ATC for 2017? Me students love participating.

    1. Yep, it's going to look a little different this year, but I'm working on it.

  6. Fabulous! Do you have a time frame?