Friday, August 12, 2016

Bit-O-Bio, Piet Mondrian

And then there were four...  Piet Mondrian was an artist that I really wanted to add to my artist list because he is so often used as inspiration when talking to kids about the primary colors, vertical and horizontal lines, or Minimalism.  

In this video, I cover his family as a child.  He has a very supportive upbringing when it came to Art. I also talk about the word series and what that is for an artist.  So often in art class, students make one and they are done. I love bringing the idea of several images with the same subject, or medium.  Because Mondrian was so influenced by Jazz music in his late years as a painter, I actually have music in this Bit-O-Bio.  It was a fun little add-on to recording.

In these Bit-O-Bio presentations, I have included not only the painted image of the artist as you see above, I also give visual and written prompts.  These prompts would be great for a review or a brain break in class.  Show the video as a warm up and when you need a break in the art class hour, have your students answer a couple of questions. Or when they are lined up and the homeroom teacher is running a little late, give a verbal pop quiz. Post these questions in a commons area and let the whole school participate in the Bit-O-Bio review. I really see a lot of ways to use these short lessons.

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