Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Digital Station- Crochet Chain

I have another self-paced lesson to share with you.  I learned how to crochet a chain when my three-year-old daughter taught me several years ago.  Yep, my kids went to a Montessori pre-school and one of the many skills that they learn there was how to crochet.  I have necklace after necklace of crochet chains. 

I still bring crochet hooks along on long trips.  I recently brought a couple along while camping with family.  It was a hit and a lot of fun to do around the campfire. 

Crocheting a chain is a gateway to bigger and better crochet projects. My kids at home and students at school love it.  I hope that it will fit well in your classroom too.  Check it out, the lesson has a QR code and URL to bring students to a video.  This VERY short video gives students an explanation of how to make a chain.  Students can pause and replay this lesson to help better understand the mechanics. 

Click here for the TpT Crochet Chain Lesson


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