Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bee a Hero!

Welcome to the 2016/17 school year! This board is in the entry of our school and can be seen by anyone coming to visit Hassan Elementary. Every year we want to make it great! As you can see it's a large board and it takes a ladder to reach most of it.  I'm very proud to say that it was completed before open-house.


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This whole board started last spring as a school collaboration (See previous post).  I have our big welcome board created by students, not me. This board is huge so my goal was to try to create something that would be able to be admired for most of the year, if not the whole year.

This year I enlisted some help.  I had one of our greatest volunteers and PTO president, Bo help out by placing the white background on the board.  This cut down about 2 hours for me.  The artwork was ready to go in the storage room so once Bo was done, I got that ladder out and started arranging  the board.  I started with the center words and moved my way out.

Kids know what part they helped with.  I have heard them say, 'I did the wings of the bees' or 'I did the flowers'.  It was fun to see them be as proud as I was with the final display. So, here it is Hassan!! Welcome Back!!

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