Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bit-O-Bio, Bob Ross Support Post

We have started the Bit-O-Bio's in the Art Studio.  I have decided to run the same artist for a couple weeks at a time.  This means one week for the wrap-up, students are going to watch a Bit-O-Bio and the second (and maybe third) they will be learning more about the art, and artist with real images and links to learn more. 

Of course, I started out with a classic (well, classic from the 80's at least) Bob Ross (click here for the Bit-O-Bio).  We watched the video last week and now I'm sharing more about the artist in this post and with my classes.

Dear Hassan Art Studio Students: 

How many of you did your homework?? Did anyone watch Bob Ross on the Joy of Painting found on Netflix this last week?  What did you think? Did you learn anything?  Take a look at this video below to see a 'remix' of his famous sayings. 

Want to know more?? Check out this great article by @patrickwensink, Click here for 23 Happy Little Bob Ross Facts... 

After learning about Mr. Ross, What do you think? 
  • Do you like his artwork?  
  • Would you like to paint like him?  
  • Do you think he was a good teacher? 
  • Do you like his hair style?
  • If he was in the room with us right now, what would you ask him??


  1. That is an awesome chart! Thank you! I am really interested in reading the post about Creatubbles but the "click here" did not seem to be linked. Is it just me or anybody else having trouble getting to that post?

    1. Thanks or letting me know. I made the change.