Sunday, October 2, 2016

#ATCswap update

We have a winner!! Well, it wasn't really a race, but if it was Rita Clawson (@RitaClawson) has won!! She was the first to send me her Artist Trading Card for the ATC swap.  This swap has been closed for this year but this is an update for the participants of the 2016 #ATCswap. 

Rita was spot on!! Take a look at the return address label included.  As you can see her address was provided for me so that I can easily get this back to her by taping this label on her package. She sent two teacher cards and 90 students cards.  By providing this information, I can be sure to get the correct number back to you. 

She packaged her cards perfectly!  The cards are in groups of tens.  They have the #ATCswap 'wrap around' filled out for each set of ten. The cards were well done, high quality! I like that she placed a variety of cards in one pack, this way the trade will get to see a selection from your school. 

This video above will explain a little more about sending the cards my way.  Also, if you need the link to the #ATCswap information (click here).  Remember, keep sharing on social media, teachers and schools all over are connecting via the shares on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Be sure to label you posts with #ATCswap.

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  1. Rita Clawson is an over achiever. #onlykidding #iwishiwasorganized