Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Careers in Art- Medical Illustrator

Here is another 'Career in Art', Medical Illustrator.  This video is the introduction to the career that my students explored for the last week.  It's been hard to keep them focused on the task at hand while entering the room.  There were so many amazing specimens displayed around my room this week. 

After the intro., I do a quick explanation of the stations.  I walk the room pointing out all the wonderful activities they have to choose from.  I also learn from the first class the expectation reminders that need to be made before the class starts to work. 

How did I get the bones?? Great question.  I put an all call out there for my staff and these are the amazing resources that came my way.  WOW!! I'm a lucky gal to have so many great Art supporters in my school. 

I provided some small magnifying glasses for the students.  They were able to examine the bones but not touch them. 

Students had the opportunity to sculpt tthe bones being observed.  They loved doing this.  I was shocked at how accurate some of their sculptures were. 

They also had the choice to draw from observation. Many of the students chose to use dark paper and a silver sharpie.  This ended up looking a little like an X-ray.  It was a cool effect. 

Some students looked at the artwork of Steven Jenkins from his book Bones.  It is a very beautiful book that I was happy I had to offer for this lesson.

In the video, you heard me talk about the rubbing plates.  I asked my husband at the middle school who has a laser printer in his classroom to burn me some plates.  You can do this for any subject matter you want.  I would love to do different bones so that students could put together their own skeleton with rubbing plates. I encouraged all students to both do the rubbing and a drawing to practice a different form of observational drawing. 

Another station was this 'throw away' item that I picked up in the staff lounge one time.  Students used an iPad to help them discover all the names of the bones in the human body.

My 3rd grade is LOVING this series!  I can't wait to continue sharing the other Careers in Art that we cover. 

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